Message to ISIS: BACK OFF! (Show 33: 3 March 2015)

Those of you who are unmasked need to return to your towns and villages; the West as well as the Civilized World will not tolerate your conducts for long.


For those of you hiding under masks, dire consequences await you and your disguises will not save you. As with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan (remember them?), you will eventually be captured, held prisoners, and would serve looooong sentences; that is, if you were to survive the wrath of Allied invading forces.


Best approach for you at this moment is to depart back to where you used to live and hope no one will find out your true identity. However, if you were to be found out, be man enough to face up to the consequences of your actions. That is what a true Muslim would do.


One thing is for sure, your fellow unmasked comrades will rat you out the moment Allied invading forces touch down in Iraq and Syria. This is exactly the same thing that happened in Afghanistan–when the Americans and NATO forces arrived, regular Afghans pointed out who the al-Qaeda members were. They were rounded up like cattle and transported to the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo in a most humiliating way.


This is NOT Islam. It is Fascism at its best.

Drop your weapons and return to your homes, villages and towns BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Message to ISIS: STAND DOWN! by Sherwin on Mixcloud