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World News

Origins of Diversity in the Middle East (Show 6: 26 August 2014)

While striving for diversity in our modern institutions today, one may be surprised to learn, that the practice is an ancient endeavor. In the first millennium before Christ, there existed two superpower empires; one that of the Persian Empire and the other, that of the Greek's. Centuries later, Persia arose from ashes and faced the Greeks’ imperial inheritor, the Roman Empire. And finally, the ancient world became a second time more »

todayAugust 27, 2014 5

World News

Ellis Island: They Also Came From the Middle East (Show 5: 19 August 2014)

Back in 1986 when work on restoration of the Statue of Liberty was being conducted, Ellis Island was going through a face lift as well . I recall reading a feature-article on the project when my eyes caught the part where one of the workers acknowledged that his grandparents had come to America, from Iran, through the Ellis Island. We all remember the 1980s, a very sad and difficult time. more »

todayAugust 20, 2014 55 2

World News

Iraq War – Noble Intentions & Grave Errors (Show 4: 12 August 2014)

Speculations have run rampant about the intention of the United States to invade and temporarily occupy Iraq in 2003. Upon close analysis and scrutiny one can easily discern and conclude why the invasion took place. First, the invasion was merely continuation of the war that had started back on August 1990 when Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq at the time, invaded the tiny oil-rick sheikdom of Kuwait. Aside from the more »

todayAugust 12, 2014 10

World News

Minority Communities in the Middle East — the Armenians (Show 3: 5 August 2014)

Armenia and Georgia are the two adjacent and oldest Christian nation-states in the world. Both states were at various times under domination of the Persians, the Romans, the Russians, and the Ottoman Turks. As modern nation-states, they enjoyed only brief periods of independence until Tsarist Russia and later the Soviet Union integrated them into the empires. In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia regained its independence. Centuries more »

todayAugust 6, 2014 29 1

World News

Splitting of Iraq: The Easy Way Out (Show 2: 29 July 2014)

Many pundits have recently talked about splitting up Iraq into different sections so we could "accommodate" different ethnic and religious populations of Iraq. The great majority of such individuals hail from the West who mean well but who are totally unaware of the history of the Middle East or the scheming hands of the former Communist superpower, the Soviet Union, which by the way, today has morphed into a non-ideological more »

todayJuly 30, 2014 28

World News

What & Where is the Middle East (Show 1: 22 July 2014)

During this episode, I talked about importance of the Middle East from a historical, geographic as well as political background. We all know from our early school textbooks that from the dawn of history, the Middle East has been known as the "cradle of civilization." Unfortunately, today, it is also known as a cradle of violence and mayhem. I discussed the content of three maps on the Middle East. Map more »

todayJuly 22, 2014 5 1

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