Cuz I Love You

The ideas of body positivity and self love have been slowly pushing their way through mainstream music over the last few years. The concept seems clear across the board: less judgement and more acceptance. That seems easier said than done.

Lizzo is here to prove with her debut album, Cuz I Love You, that she isn’t here to just talk about self love, she’s ready to break the glass ceiling. With the ability to perfectly blend pop, R&B, and rap, Cuz I Love you is full of clever lyrics, anthems about self love, and is playful without being childish.

Juice, Lizzo’s breakout track, reminds you of an 80’s pop jam, full of funny one-liners “I be drippin’ so much sauce/ Gotta been lookin’ like RAGÚ”. It may sound campy, but it is actually a reminder that music can be fun. It doesn’t have to always be serious.

Truth Hurts is another self love anthem where Lizzo declares “Why men great till they gotta be great?” This track also gained popularity after Gina Rodriguez sang along to it in her new Netflix film, “Someone Great”.

Throughout the album, we see her comedically working her way through love issues while coming to the same conclusion on each track. That she is the someone great in her life.

Tracks like Cuz I Love You and Jerome showcase Lizzo’s soulful roots while seamlessly blending in clever rap verses. Her ability to bellow out a verse so deeply is reminiscent of a young 60s soul singer.

In fact, Lizzo referred to herself as “THE ARETHA FRANKLIN FOR THE 2018 GENERATION” when releasing a single for the album, Boys. This track wouldn’t be my first choice to compare her to the Queen of Soul, considering it is mostly a hip-hop song with Lizzo belting out clever rap lyrics throughout.

Lizzo’s career is just starting out. She is delivering clever, fun music for a generation that needs to be taught what a little self love can do. While she may not be the Aretha Franklin of our generation yet, I’m excited to see what is next from the genre bending, rule breaking artist.

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