Father of the Bride

The band, Vampire Weekend have came a very long way from students one year, to festival headliners the next. Imagine that! They are known to mix up a number of different genres such as digital dancehall, string sections, Latin punk and raga. Their motivation came from them growing up listening to punk and hardcore, but they never could really get a feel for it.

Over the years, the band grew much larger. This album has 18 tracks run runs for 58 minutes. While you are listening to the album, time seems to slow down. One thing that was repeated a lot throughout this album were words that had to do much with marriage. These metaphors seem as they could serve as personal, political, ecological, and artistic. This album itself gives fans a reminder on who they really are. Throughout Father of the Bride there are a few features like Steve Lacy, and Danielle Haim which added a unique taste to the album itself.

This album sounds like a product of something new. It takes us back to ‘60s folk, ‘70s country western duets. The album’s cover looks as though it could be an ‘80s peace poster of some sort which also adds a very unique touch.

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