Gov. Sisolak’s Response to Protests in Nevada

Since the death of George Floyd, protests and marches have erupted across the nation to demand justice for him among other African American lives who have faced police brutality. Las Vegas saw protests nearly every day of the first week of June, some of them going as far as tearing down government buildings and businesses along the way. 

Protestors defacing the courthouse located on Las Vegas Blvd during a protest March 30.

In a press conference in Reno, Gov. Steve Sisolak addressed the violence that occurred Saturday, March 30. “As governor, I encourage folks to exercise their peaceful First Amendment rights to protest,” he stated. “But don’t bring your destructiveness with you. And if you’re coming from out of town, if you’re coming to cause a problem in the state of Nevada, get the hell out of town.”

The people that Gov. Sisolak addressed the latter part of the statement as individuals who came from out of town to cause destruction. Of those arrested in Reno on Saturday, three were from out of state, but police intel from undercover cops report that there were many California license plates at the protest.

In a news conference on Friday, June 5, Gov. Sisolak criticized the “double standard” that exists for protestors depending on the color of their skin.

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