Police de-escelation training not enforced since implementation in 2019

Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson revealed that bill AB478, requiring annual police training on de-escalation, racial profiling and implicit bias, is not being enforced. 

This has been brought to light as protests occurred around the world after the death of George Floyd. Frierson criticized the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) division, who is responsible for training police on topics including racial profiling, mental health and de-escalation. Frierson was the one to introduce the bill in 2019, requiring at least 12 hours of training a year. POST’s executive director had originally opposed the bill in concern that it would take time away from other types of training. 

Post Executive Director Mike Sherlock wrote that “individual agencies may tailor the training to fit their specific needs and determine if existing training may cover some, or all, of these topics,” because the bill had not specified any curriculum or performance objectives. 

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