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The 1975 proved with the release of their 3rd Album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships , that their music is evolving while still contemplating the modern cultural pressures around them.

The band kicked off their tour in March and landed in Las Vegas April 16, 2019. If you know anything about concert crowds in Las Vegas, you should know that they come with high expectations. With the city expanding and yearly Life is Beautiful festival, locals are accustomed to seeing talent that is as small as a garageband startup to some of the biggest names in the industry.

The band provides an experience that encourages fans to sing, dance, and jump around throughout the show, but make no mistake. The 1975 have strong opinions woven throughout their music on human rights, internet identity, and the fundamental components of relationships.

Lyrically, The 1975 have never shied away from controversy or talking about their beliefs. The band performed songs from their most recent album, including “Love it if we Made it” and “Give yourself a try”. “Love it if we Made it” takes on societal issues lyrically such as police brutality, religion, and the politics of telling the truth. “Give Yourself a Try” challenges listeners to step away from the black hole that is social media and societal peer pressures and find who you really are and what you stand for as a person.

Frontman Matty Healy is known to be a performer. He would jump around on stage, purposefully dance in front of the cameras, interact with the audience as much as security could allow, and communicated intermediately with his bandmates.

The band would play several upbeat, loud songs with high energy before coming down for a slower track, then building the energy back up again.

Overall, The 1975 provide a concert worth going to. If you are a local, you are probably overwhelmed with the various artists coming though. It can be hard to decide what makes a concert worth going to. If you like indie rock music, provocative lyrics, and are looking to have a good time, The 1975 are worth checking out.

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