The Balance

After their debut album “The Balcony” in 2014, and their follow up album, “The Ride” which was released in 2016, the band, Catfish And The Bottlemen return with their third album called, “The Balance.” Each of the band’s album cover artwork is very similar, serving as what many think is a symbol for a particular quality of concept.

The Balance opens with the pleasing enough ‘Longshot’ which delivers a jolt of electricity as the band presents themselves with an aura and excitement.

and the hope is that this jaunty number will pave the way for something fresh. Instead, Catfish quickly revert to type with the single ‘Fluctuate’. It will undoubtedly be the centrepiece of their summer gigs, but it in as strange way, it seems to signal an aversion to progress.None of the lyrics are especially memorable – they are not bad, but it’s all just, well, fine. To their credit, the production and arrangements are slick, with hooks and energy galore. There are even glimpses of what might have been had Catfish And The Bottlemen been just a little bit more daring, particularly on ‘Intermission’. Ultimately, Catfish are crowd-pleasers, with a loyal fanbase eager to see their heroes in live action this summer.

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