The Dots

It is safe to say that Alaskalaska is a band that is known to have a steady stream of unique pop-jazz singles, their debut album The Dots has become an eagerly awaited release.

This album consists of twelve tracks and is full of the bands unique trademark. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Lucinda John-Duarte’s vocals are a bit different from the beginning to the end of this album. The song “Monster” shows her careful quality of her odd style. In this song, you will hear her say, “you take your jealous observations and throw them in my face.”

Rhythms and bass lines are the funky heart of this record. The track “Moon” that talks primarily about Premenstrual syndrome. This track continues to builds as it goes on containing lyrics like “Awake, awake again/ a tummy ache again.”

Alaskalaska not like any regular band. Their style of music is very refreshing. By just listening to one album, makes you get the feeling that you are listening to ten. The Dots is a fairly and as you listen to it, their odd style will wash over you without noticing.

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