The band, Big Thief, recently released their album called “U.F.O.F.” This album was recorded at a cabin in Washington state. This was the first time they felt as thought they had a break several years of continuous touring which also helped them create an adoring audience. Big Thief decided to take a slightly different route with this album by not really talking about things such as extraterrestrials, stating that this album is a masterpiece.

The first song “Contact” is slow and a dark, but becomes more vibrant towards the end. The band has no influences on how they make their music. They just write and play what sounds good to them. One thing to take out is that many of their songs address anonymous women like Jodi, Betsy, Caroline, Violet, and Jenni.

Single “Cattails” takes you to a place that you may feel you have been before, reminding you of the person you lost. They make death seem like something that is beautiful. “Orange” is a song of love that describes the death of a partner. In this song, lead singer Lenker says, “Fragile is that I mourn her death/ As our limbs are twisting in her bedroom.” Not every song was sad on U.F.O.F. “Strange” is a type of funhouse song that Lenker sings about explaining seeing a luna moth cry “lime green tears/ Through the fruit bat’s eye.” As you continue through the album, you will notice that the tone of the instruments change.

As a whole it is safe to say that Big Thief get a bit strange on U.F.O.F. On their previous albums, Masterpiece and Capacity, they were making folksy rock songs. You can tell that singer Lenker has been experimenting and messing around with new ideas.

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