Wasteland, Baby!

The Irish songwriter, Andrew Hozier-Byrne devotes much if not all his second album, “Wasteland, Baby!” Throughout the first song, “Nina Cried Power,” he gives a shout out to not only artists, but all-time greats like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, John Lennon, James Brown, Joni Mitchell, Mavis Staples, Patti Smith, Marvin Gaye, etc.  He does this to prove that you do not have to live in hopelessness. Anyone can make a difference.

He then gets our attention with a catchy toon called “Almost (Sweet Music),” which is a fan favorite. As he is telling his story during this song, it almost seems as though it is real life. Any person listening will be able to picture and relate to everything he is saying.

It is safe to say that Hozier did not disappoint, which is why he received his first #1 album. His unique, church-like, powerful voice goes perfectly on his third track on the album “movement.” This song is very sensual allowing the listening no choice but to listen to his words. Hozier takes us on a journey with the stories he tells. It is said that he wrote “Wasteland, Baby!” after reading how threats of nuclear war caused the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to move our doomsday clock ahead 30 seconds.

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